Drying in new additions almost complete!

Week 12: More Walls and Rooms!

Week 10-11: Foundations and Walls begin!

This week we discovered the above inscription: a ‘mark’ from one of our many PCH families who left us with a little legacy of their loved one and their precious time with us. To all our FBB’s and their families, we ♥♥♥ you too!



Dear PCH Family,

          This week, as we prepare for the 17th year in memory of 9-11, we are forever reminded of those who have left their ‘mark’ on our hearts!  This 17th anniversary also coincides with the 17th years PCH had the privilege of serving over 11,000 patients and their families who we will always remember and cherish.  When we walk the halls of PCH, we feel their presence. We feel your love. We feel the compassionate care – PCH is still here.  Through the transition of construction, renovation, and program planning, we feel great anticipation for what is coming. And through this transition and planning, we have proudly sustained our legacy of compassion, care, dignity, and hope and are uplifted by our collective memories, as well as your support and encouragement. We look often to the new PCH logo – the butterfly.  It reminds us that sometimes the most beautiful things can come from great change. 

          Thank you for remaining an important part of our family!   


Anne, Terry, Christi, Tracy, and Mohammed

Week 9: Ready, Set to Pour!

Week 7-8: Preparing to Build