Mid morning the phone rang and there was a lady’s voice on the other end of the line that was clearly shaken, yet she spoke with such kindness and grace. She introduced herself and explained that her father had passed away at Peachtree Christian Hospice. She was heartbroken to learn that PCH was no longer offering hospice care. She shared what an island of peace PCH was for her and her family as they said goodbye to their father. Understandably, she was saddened to realize that PCH would no longer offer that same refuge for others at their darkest hour.

We then took time to share with her our new vision of a Life Enrichment Center that would offer that same level of refuge, hope, and peace to so many families who were faced with caring for loved ones that were aging or living with sickness and disabilities. Quickly she saw how the new PCH Life Enrichment Center could touch the lives of so many others than just those in their final days. She was excited that we would be able to focus on life and keeping families together as long as possible, rather than just focusing on their passing.

But again a wave of sadness flooded through the phone as she talked about seeing images of the walls being torn down. She told how she and her sisters had written her dad’s initials and drawn three hearts on the wall at PCH the day he died. She was heartbroken to think of that final memory being gone. While on the phone we began to ask questions about what room he was in and where that special note would be. And low and behold, it was still there!

Frederick “Barney” Biestman’s initals still remained on the walls with the three hearts drawn below. We quickly snapped a picture for her to see and made a promise to her that his memory still lives on.

You see, we walk through these halls every day and still feel the souls of each and every person who came here to journey from this world to the next. They are not forgotten. Each has left their mark, whether on the walls or in our hearts. Our walls stand strong in the faith of all who have come through our doors and carry their legacy forward as we chart a new course to serve others.  If our walls could talk they would surely say, “Well done. Keep going. Serve on.”

For there is one body and one Spirit,  just as you have been called to one glorious hope for the future. Ephesians 4:4


Shared in memory of Frederick “Barney” Biestman 11.29.38-10.21.2016