Caregiver Keaney Cooper brought her mother-in-law Evelyn to us after she was diagnosed with dementia in 2018. A single mom for most of her life, Evelyn worked for AT&T for 35 years before retiring. She is a two-time breast cancer survivor and, before her dementia, she loved bowling, watching football, basketball and tennis. Keaney describes Evelyn as an amazingly feisty lady, who loves her son and family dearly.

We recently chatted with Keaney to learn more about their story. Keep reading to find out why they chose Peachtree Christian Health and how Evelyn (and all the Coopers!) are thriving with us.

PCH: How did you hear about us? 

Keaney: We were told about Peachtree Christian Health by an assisted living facility when we were trying to find a memory care adult day program. The assisted living facility did not offer this and recommended we reach out to Peachtree Christian Health to get information about their program, which is what we were truly looking for, so that she could remain with us at home.

PCH: What was it about us that made you decide to enroll Evelyn in the day program? 

Keaney: The staff at Peachtree Christian Health, as well as the atmosphere just felt right. It felt like a home away from home, and, almost immediately upon walking into the facility, we knew this would be of great benefit to Evelyn. The daily schedule of activities would help provide Evelyn with the quality of life and mental stimulation she was missing just being at home with me daily, where it was difficult for me to work, while trying to care for her and attend to her needs.

PCH: What has Evelyn enjoyed about participating in our program? 

Keaney: Evelyn has enjoyed having a place to go each and every day and refers to it as her “job”. It gives her purpose and allows her to regain a sense of “independence”.

PCH: How have you seen her improve cognitively, physically, and emotionally since coming here? 

Keaney: Prior to coming to Peachtree Christian Health, Evelyn was a lot more depressed and experienced a lot of anxiety each day. Since she began attending Peachtree Christian Health, there is almost none of the depression and crying spells and the anxiety attacks, so much so that she no longer has to take any of her prescribed anxiety pills (only as needed, which is rare), which she was taking three times a day.

PCH: How has Peachtree Christian Health benefited you and your family? 

Keaney: Peachtree Christian Health has been a complete and total blessing to our family. It has allowed me to focus on my business and given us peace of mind in knowing she is being cared for by a group of phenomenal people, who have shown her nothing but love and respect each and every day she is with them. It has also given us the mental and emotional break we were missing out on, as well as the time we were missing with our two younger children, who are 8 and 11 and very active in sports, dance, and academics.

PCH: What do you want others to know about Peachtree Christian Health? 

Keaney: Peachtree Christian Health makes it possible for their loved ones going through such a life-changing disease, as well as the caregiver, to both have peace of mind and a sustainable quality of life, especially if it is a priority to keep a loved one home with you. I would recommend Peachtree Christian Health to anyone and everyone looking for a place that truly cares and understands the needs of someone experiencing memory-related health issues.