Throughout her life Nancy has always been drawn to work with the elderly. Some years back, Nancy May felt a strong call from God to come to PCH to see how she could help. She simply walked in and offered her help, having no idea where that would lead. From the moment she stepped through the front doors, she felt at home.

Nancy says, “I came in with an open mind knowing that it was where God was directing me to go. God called me there and He gave me the skills I needed.”

She was willing to roll up her sleeves and help do anything that needed to be done. Nancy’s done office work, visited with patients, comforted families, served on our golf committee and more. Her smile filled the halls and brought great comfort and joy to many. Her only agenda was to simply be “a good witness to Christ’s light and love and offer support to others.” The patients were her inspiration and she simply couldn’t do enough to honor them.

Nancy shares that the atmosphere and culture at PCH is unlike any other she has ever experienced. She says, “It’s a place engulfed with love, comfort and helping. It just feeds you. Everyone enjoys each other’s company. It’s a community of faith that helps me grow as a Christian and strengthen my faith.”

Through her years of service at PCH Nancy has volunteered hundreds of hours, built wonderful friendships, gained prayer partners, and learned new skills. She was blessed to be able to retire early at the age of 55 from a very lucrative career in human resources and loves it when she can share that expertise with PCH to help forward the mission, but she’s always eager to find new ways to engage.

Nancy’s advice to others looking to volunteer is, “Anyone with a desire to help can find something meaningful to do at PCH. I challenge everyone, no matter your age, your background, religion, or skill, to explore how you can plug in. There are opportunities for college students, retirees, corporate executives and many others.”

Nancy is super excited about the new service direction of PCH and the volunteer opportunities coming as the new life enrichment center opens. Nancy says, “What could be more exciting than helping bring these much-needed adult day services online? It’s yet another chance for me to learn, to grow, to meet new people and to help keep families together. I can’t wait for the new center to open so we can continue to work together to change lives.”