Adult Day Program and Services

At Peachtree Christian Health, we understand that individuals with health limitations want to live life to its fullest potential. Our day program provides caregivers a safe place for their loved ones with physical, health, and mental challenges to spend the day participating in meaningful and therapeutic activities. We care for participants with diverse health and activities of daily living needs. Peachtree Christian Health offers a full continuum of services including: 

  • Adult Day Services
  • Caregiver/Family Support
  • Clinical and Personal Care
  • Contracted Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy
  • Horticultural, Art, and Music Therapy
  • Mind, Body, and Spiritual Engagement
  • Educational Programs and Community Partnerships
  • Health and Fitness Programs
  • Advanced-Care Planning Assistance
  • “We Honor Veterans” Program
  • Resource Center
  • Scholarship Program for Low Income Families
  • …And much, much more! 

We are open Monday through Friday, 6:30 am until 6:00 pm. There is a 2-day minimum per week to attend our day program. Our program fees are based on two levels of care: $85/day for standard care and $100/day for those who need more assistance. Fees are determined during a free assessment. This daily fee includes breakfast, lunch and snacks, as well as activities. We will also offer ancillary services to assist caregivers with personal care services that include:

  • Bathing
  • Hair Stylist
  • Manicures/Pedicures
  • Shaving
Community Programs and Services

The Life Enrichment Center will offer therapeutic activities and educational programs for caregivers, families, and the community. It will facilitate the ability for our community to intentionally come together to support caregivers and each other. We are busy planning art and exercise classes, entertainment programs, community exhibits, and a caregiver café. Educational programs and workshops are being designed to help understand, plan, and care for your loved ones throughout the caregiving journey. A variety of support groups will offer opportunities for both discussion and interaction. If you know of groups, organizations, or opportunities that may be of interest, please contact Christi Heidt, Program Director, at or 770-624-2727, ext. 203.


We understand that life is often unpredictable, especially when faced with the unique challenges of aging and disabilities. So we work to provide programs that enrich the lives of all our participants, caregivers and families. Each of our programs is designed to develop the behaviors needed to thrive throughout all of life’s circumstances. We incorporate throughout our day the ‘CHERISH NOW’ principles which encourage 10 attitudes that have been proven to promote health and wellness and improve quality of life no matter what life throws in our way. We invite you and your loved one to join us for a tour and free personal assessment and experience the difference that happens when you are able to “CHERISH NOW”.

The 10 “CHERISH NOW” behaviors we encourage include:

  • Creativity – come enjoy old hobbies and seek new activities
  • Hope – let us help you stay positive and brighten your outlook
  • Expression – improve your communication and express your emotions
  • Readiness – we will help you plan for the future and practice time management
  • Integration – here you are an important member of the community and involved with others. We remind you of your purpose and help you keep things in perspective.
  • Socialization – we help you develop and maintain strong, positive relationships through on-site visits and remote communication tools with the community and your family.
  • Health – our wellness programs encourage healthy choices for your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being.
  • Narration – you have an important story to tell; let us hear and help you develop your story and find meaning in all your experiences.
  • Openness – we strive to take deep breaths and live in the moment by practicing mindfulness and gratefulness.
  • Whole-heartedness – we respect all backgrounds and cultures and want to help all our participants embrace their individualism by strengthening their core set of values.

Heart2Heart Program and New Beginnings

As a non-profit organization, Peachtree Christian Health relies on generous charitable gifts from benefactors to subsidize our Heart2Heart Program and New Beginnings, which help to provide safe, engaging, and reliable adult services focused on keeping families together.


Heart2Heart Amenities – Donations to the Heart2Heart program help us ensure that participants are allowed to spend every minute they are with us surrounded by love. Gifts to Heart2Heart can provide for special amenities, such as spa services, manicures/pedicures, special occasion celebrations, and other items needed to allow our day participants to feel like they are at home.

Heart2Heart Veteran’s Salute – We are grateful for our veterans and their families who have often sacrificed so much — especially those who have served in wars and conflicts.  Your Heart2Heart gifts permit us to honor and thank each veteran who becomes a participant in our Life Enrichment Center. With a Patriotic Pinning Ceremony that includes the ceremonial presentation of a pin, certificate, and keepsake quilt, Heart2Heart gifts allow us to salute your veteran.

Heart2Heart Veterans Victory Garden – Peachtree Christian Health participates in the national “We Honor Veterans” program to honor all veterans who become participants at our Life Enrichment Center. Heart2Heart gifts will provide funding to maintain the Veterans Victory Garden and pay tribute to the countless number of veterans who have served our country. Garden Pavers on this serene area of our grounds provide honorary and memorial opportunities to pay tribute to those who have served.

Heart2Heart Wish Fulfillment – Participants at the Life Enrichment Center often have unrealized life-long wishes due to their physical and health limitations. Gifts to the Heart2Heart program allow us to identify suitable “wishes” and when appropriate, fulfill desires such as communicating with a distanced loved one, a virtual reality experience, or even a visit from a favorite sports figure.


New Beginnings – Gifts to Peachtree Christian Health can support the specialized program, New Beginnings, which provides outreach, support, and advanced-care planning assistance to the community. New Beginnings partners with local organizations and groups to help provide caregivers and their loved ones the resources they need to understand, plan, and thrive throughout whatever their health circumstances might include.

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Peachtree Christian Health is a non-profit, full-service life enrichment center designed specifically to provide safe, engaging, and reliable adult day services for families caring for elderly and disabled adults. Our programs are designed to enrich the lives of all our participants, their caregivers, and their families. Our goal is to empower all people to live life to its fullest. 


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